A vacation to Atlanta, Georgia would be a great option when it comes time for families to make plans for the 4th of July 2011.

There will be several firework shows and events taking place around the city. These firework shows will be attended by both local Atlanta residents and tourists, all of whom will be having fun celebrating America's independence.

In addition to the firework shows, there are numerous other entertainment options in the Atlanta metropolitan area. There are many well-known attractions that should be visited. Some of these attractions include museums, parks, and shopping malls. There are also many restaurants throughout the city to choose from when it comes time to eat on the 4th of July 2011. These restaurants range from countless fast food options to great southern and barbecue dining options.

A lot of these restaurants are located in Downtown Atlanta, Midtown, and the trendy Buckhead area of the city. Much of the exciting nightlife in Atlanta takes place in Buckhead. Upscale bars and famous clubs line the streets of this affluent community, which is often referred to as the "Beverly Hills of the South."

In addition to the exciting nightlife, another great reason to spend the 4th of July 2011 in Atlanta is the abundance of hotels in the city. One will never have a hard time finding a place to stay or finding a hotel that doesn't meet their needs. These hotels range from economy hotels to luxury five star hotels.

A lot of these hotels are in Downtown Atlanta and Buckhead. The vast majority of them are great for families and some even allow pets to stay. With so many great entertainment options in and around Atlanta, every family should definitely consider choosing this city for their 4th of July vacation.

There will be a lot of exciting things happening on the 4th of July 2011 in Atlanta. It is without a doubt going to be a very fun and celebratory time for everyone in the city.