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Raven Reviews on The Law Office of Judy Kim, PC 10 months ago

The Law Office of Judy Kim, PC

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A NIGHTMARE! She deserves no rating!!! I put my faith and trust in this lady only to find out she is a true narcissist! I literally wasted my money on hiring her for my fiancé. Not ONE time she spoke to him in regards of his case. I had to rely all information to him. I told her several occasions to please speak to him only for her to say “ he is getting bonded out, I don’t need to waste my time and gas on going to see him because he is getting bonded out” . I had to do her leg work! I even told her what day he had court. She didn’t even know! The day he had court she still didn’t speak with him and read his bond motion in front of the judge with HER suggestions and thoughts over zoom! She lied saying she was going to physically be there! Guess what? He got NO bond!!!! She acted surprised like she didn’t know what was goin on. I explain his case thousands of times to her. But why not find out from him about his own case?!!! She even had all his information on her end so I don’t know why she played clueless! Seems sketchy!!! Let’s talk about how unprofessional she is. Every time she told me to call her she was unprepared and told me to call back on another day. One time I spoke with

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