The best places for a first date in Atlanta abound in this classic city.  There are so many things to do in Atlanta that you might have trouble picking just one activity.

For lovers of food and music, Dania's Restaurant in Downtown Atlanta is a great choice for romantic cuisine and live music. Take a bouquet of flowers and ask for a vase for added elegance to complement the romantic table setting when you dine at any of Atlanta's fine restaurants. A bottle of wine next to those flowers adds the extra touch. Wine sampling at The Wine Shoe in Atlanta can also be a day of educational and romantic fun.

Downtown also is bustling with a wide array of fun and interesting things to do, whether you choose to dine at restaurants or engage in any of the many kinds of recreation that Atlanta has to offer. A comedy improv show at Dad's Garage can be an ice-breaker providing great laughs and memories. For baseball fans, consider grabbing some tickets to see the Atlanta Braves legendary Turner Field.

A visit to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens can be a respite from Downtown Atlanta, providing one of the most leisurely places for a first date in Atlanta with flowers and romantic beauty to enhance the time together.

From restaurants to recreation and everything in between, Atlanta has tons to offer for a great first date and (hopefully) beyond.