If you're searching for one of the top paying jobs in Atlanta, you have plenty of options to choose from, depending on your background and qualifications. Atlanta is among one of the top cities in America for high paying jobs. Dental services, account executives and software engineers are all currently paying over $100,000 in downtown Atlanta. Sales managers in downtown Atlanta can also earn over $100,000. Sales managers are in charge of distributing products or services to customers.

The medical industry is abundant in high paying jobs. Medical Atlanta jobs include anesthesiologists, paying an average of $174,000, surgeons, averaging about $181,000 and obstetricians and gynecologists, with an annual salary of $175,000.

Other top paying jobs in Atlanta include attorneys, who make an average of $127,000 and pilots and flight engineers, whose earnings average around $120,000. CEOs, physical therapists, emergency medicine physicians, psychiatrists and IT Managers all make over $100,000 in Atlanta, GA. The larger companies are often, but not always, the ones that may the most.

Top paying and full time jobs in Atlanta can be found in a number of ways. There are job networking opportunities all over the city and many job hunting sites online. There is lots of support available, too. Financial Executives International has a chapter in Atlanta that meets regularly, as does the Georgia Department of Labor Career Center, One-Stop Career Center, and the Project Management Institute: Atlanta Chapter. There are many such organizations in the city. To land one of the higher paying jobs, review your resume and add some spice to it, and make sure you can write a killer cover letter.

A perfect career for anyone is one that you not only love, but that's high paying. Atlanta jobs are available and abundant right now. Searching for jobs in Atlanta may seem daunting task, but it doesn't have to be.