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One12 Courtland

1 Rating  

I've been dealing with so many issues at One12 Courtland that have made my living situation a nightmare. Where do I even begin? First, my roommate has been vandalizing my personal belongings and verbally threatening me. This has created an extremely unsafe and uncomfortable environment to live in. The parking garage door was also left broken for weeks, leaving the area insecure. I was very concerned about the safety of myself and my property. There is also only 1 hour guest parking, so if you ever want to have a guest over longer than an hour, then you have to park across the street and pay. Then, my car parked IN the garage had its wiring harness chewed up by rats. The complex needs to address this rodent problem to protect residents' vehicles. This is most likely due to the uncleanliness of this place due to the constant sticky floors and the reeky smell of trash and weed. You can see in the images attached the GRIME on the stairs (it was recently power washed due to some recent reviews to cover their tracks). There was also a 3-day water outage due to a burst pipe, and the complex only provided 2 water bottles per resident per day. I had to go elsewhere just to shower a

Pros: Walkability

Cons: Forgot to mention roaches

Century Solutions Group

5 Rating  

Century Solution Group, a leading provider of Managed IT Solutions and Cloud Computing services for various industries in Atlanta, Georgia for over 27 years.

Ursula Wiedmann Models

5 Rating  

They work very hard for their talent!

The Law Office of Judy Kim, PC

1 Rating  

A NIGHTMARE! She deserves no rating!!! I put my faith and trust in this lady only to find out she is a true narcissist! I literally wasted my money on hiring her for my fiancé. Not ONE time she spoke to him in regards of his case. I had to rely all information to him. I told her several occasions to please speak to him only for her to say “ he is getting bonded out, I don’t need to waste my time and gas on going to see him because he is getting bonded out” . I had to do her leg work! I even told her what day he had court. She didn’t even know! The day he had court she still didn’t speak with him and read his bond motion in front of the judge with HER suggestions and thoughts over zoom! She lied saying she was going to physically be there! Guess what? He got NO bond!!!! She acted surprised like she didn’t know what was goin on. I explain his case thousands of times to her. But why not find out from him about his own case?!!! She even had all his information on her end so I don’t know why she played clueless! Seems sketchy!!! Let’s talk about how unprofessional she is. Every time she told me to call her she was unprepared and told me to call back on another day. One time I spoke with

Chick-fil-A at Sprayberry

1 Rating  

Be careful Scott Reed will call the police on black people for doing nothing.

Pros: Staff are not a part of his racism.

Graze Craze Sandy Springs

5 Rating  

Nice prestation, so many styles to choose from

Twin Smokers BBQ

5 Rating  

Twin Smokers BBQ is an awesome Mexican restaurant in Atlanta. Excellent barbecues and side dishes with very good service.

The League Tavern

5 Rating  

A lot of things around this location to eat, drink and enjoy time with friends on a night out. There are 5 floors and definitely lives up to the expectation

Pros: Located in the heart of downtown, great view and atmosphere!

Cons: Minimal parking but plan ahead to get a good spot and looking up parking beforehand is extremely helpful.

Bulla Gastrobar

5 Rating  

The food is amazing, great environment to wine & dining and the employment provides great service. The vibe of this place is super mature and makes you want come back.

Pros: Great location, available parking and open late!

Cons: Gets busy but make sure to plan ahead so you can get a good table.

Werdlow Johnson Inc.

5 Rating  

Offering wonderful service to the public that exceeds market standards.

Pros: Personal interaction with industry professionals

Cons: Need more employees

Boardroom Hairstylists

5 Rating  

Decided to stop by this place because I was tired of emptying my wallet every time I went to my other hair salon of choice (Three 13). Don't get me wrong, Three 13 is a great place to go when you've got unlimited cash, but for a woman on a budget like me - it's a killer. I decided to give this salon a try, it's closer to me than Three-13 anyway. I was greeted by friendly people, offering me a beverage as soon as I checked in and I didn't have to wait half an hour past my appointment time to be seated with my stylist. What I really liked about this place was that they didn't have eight different people working on your hair. The person who talked to me about what I wanted washed, cut, colored and blow-dried my hair as well. I was astounded by the one-on-one service, because these days it is rare. I didn't feel rushed, but I did get out in a reasonable amount of time. Katie gave me some nice gold tones that complimented my dark brown hair and really listened when it came to my haircut.

Pros: outstanding services and professional

Cons: zero cons

Lemongrass All Natural & Organic Spa Products and Parties by Lachele

5 Rating  

Excellent skincare products! The best organic skincare products I've tried so far. Definitely recommend! Please go to their website at https://www.OurLemongrassSpa.com/1720 and check them out. You won't be disappointed.

Pros: Improved the condition of my skin overall.

Cons: You can only order the products online.

Ursula Wiedmann Models

5 Rating  

My experience at UWM was amazing! I couldn’t have gotten a better impression.

Pros: Great service, clean, good area, friendly

Dover Realty Co Inc

4 Rating  

Actually it was my friend who introduced me to Dover Realty. She says Dover will really help you find suitable living and dwelling places. So I was glad since I was planning to move to Jackson soon.

Pros: They have a very professional brokers who will really make you comfortable and at ease while looking for the best dwelling places under the company's product lines.

Cons: I don't have any bad feedback so far.

Bin There Dump That

5 Rating  

I was panicked after a tree fell in our yard this past week. Every dumpster service I called had me waiting a good week or more to get a bin delivered. I then called up Bin There Dump That out in Buford. They saved my clean-up plans and had a dumpster to me the same day! They made sure to protect my driveway with some boards and even swept up around the dumpster area after they hauled it out. I never though renting a dumpster would be so easy, and the pricing was good for the extra service I got.

Pros: Cared about not damaging my property Swept up after haul out I really like the double doors on the dumpster. Very helpful. Staff was polite and professional.

Cons: None

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