Many hotels in Atlanta have a rich history, especially those in downtown Atlanta. Some of the buildings date back to the Civil War area and are remnants of the days when buildings were created with luxury materials. Although many of them have been renovated and restored, the original architecture and some of the molding, doors and iron decorations remain. Enjoy the beautiful high ceilings that echo the look of a palace. In downtown Atlanta, many of the hotels have beautiful conference or event spaces that were once the site of a glorious grand ballroom. Southern charm is still alive in many parts of the city, but for the old-fashioned style of the South, one of the best places to stay in Atlanta is the downtown area.

For those who are coming into the city for sporting events and want to know where to stay, it is best to choose hotels near the sporting team's location. For example, to find the best places to stay in Atlanta when visiting for an Atlanta Falcons game, search the hotels that are in close proximity to the arena. Many popular and discount chain hotels have locations near the Atlanta Falcons games. There are also plenty of nightlife venues and restaurants in this specific area, making it easy for travelers who are not familiar with Atlanta.

There are many other great hotels in Atlanta. Some are out of the vicinity of downtown in surrounding metro areas. Little Five Points is an interesting area of the city to stay in. There are many different cultural, artistic, historical and even religious attractions in the area. Some of the best independently-owned restaurants are found there also. It is the prime place to find a wide array of ethnic foods. Nightlife venues are plentiful in the area, reflecting the rich mix of cultures of Little Five Points.

For travelers wondering where to stay for a quiet night, Buckhead hotels are the right choice. Buckhead is a quiet community in the Atlanta metro area. It has been known to be one of the most upscale, safe and quiet areas in the entire city. Buckhead hotels are modern, luxurious and most are very affordable.