The large metropolis of Atlanta, Georgia has long been the unofficial capital of the South. With a diverse culture, a bustling and vivacious arts and entertainment scene, and an incredible array of private schools, the city has experienced a resurgence in popularity and new residents in recent years. People in the market for top-notch private grade schools, middle schools, or high schools will find that Atlanta has as much to offer young minds as any city in the nation.

Literally dozens of private schools in Atlanta are churning out students that are well prepared to succeed in this world, but a handful of grade schools, middle schools, and high schools have risen to the top of the Atlanta private school food chain, and are regarded as excellent options for your child, should you be able to gain admittance.

The Paideia School is located just a few miles east of Downtown Atlanta, and has steadily gained in popularity since its inception in the early 1970s. The 3-12 private school is founded on the concept of egalitarianism, which is the belief that uninhibited equality should exist between all genders, races, and backgrounds. This mentality and approach helps to forge a single and powerful identity out of nearly 1,000 different pieces. Paideia is located on 16 acres, and currently has an enrollment of 992.

Paideia always achieves high rankings in athletics, offering 10 different sports to their student population.

Atlanta International School located in North Atlanta is also atop the rankings for private schools in Atlanta. The school boasts an incredible 50/50 mix of students from America, and students from abroad. The K-12 school offers up grade school curriculum in various forms, including an English-French mix, and an English-German mix.

For parents seeking a strictly middle or high school environment, higher level private schools like St. Pius X Catholic High School, Marist School, and Ben Frankin Academy are all notable private schools in Atlanta.

For folks looking for Montessori schools, the Atlanta Montessori International School is open to students from preschool through the 6th grade. It also boasts of an incredibly diverse and culturally rich program, which focuses on developing sensory awareness and global perception. Although they do not offer middle schools or high schools, Montessori schools are far more affordable than most private schools in Atlanta.